Nikki Williamson, RDMS, RVT

Nikki began her career as a sonographer in 1990. Her experience includes work at hospitals, clinics and private doctor’s offices. Since 1995, she has worked with Maternal Fetal Medicine in the challenging high-risk pregnancy field. Over the years, She has successfully trained many students enrolled in RDMS programs. In 2008, after hearing of the needs of her local pregnancy center, she felt called to the ministry as a volunteer RDMS. Nikki considers it a privilege to combine her years of ultrasound experience, and love for teaching in a business model that supports her passion for ministry.


I believe my scans will be more accurate and professional. Nikki was awesome!

Linda, Choices Women’s Clinic, Orlando, FL

Nikki is very approachable.

Kristi, LaVie Pregnancy Center, Billings, MT

Nikki is very thorough and explained things well. I’ve done training with experienced nurses and an instructor from Dallas. Nikki has been the best.

Rhea, CareNet, Waco, Tx

Nikki was very pleasant. Made it fun. She was very helpful and went above and beyond to help get answers we needed. She is patient and a great teacher.

Wendy, CareNet, Waco, TX

Nikki has a great pace in her explanations plus her help in directing my hands was great. I felt like I could ask any questions.

Kathy, Journey Clinic, Ogden, UT